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By Ekta Patel

The following newsletter provides access and overview of the content of the CGIAR AMR hub led by ILRI that has been developed with our scientific partners for this quarter

The following research highlights have been captured under the five pillars:

  1. AM use
    1. Evaluating the antimicrobial resistance in the global shrimp industry
  2. Transmission dynamics
    1. Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance Escherichia coli carriage in sympatric humans and livestock in a rapidly urbanising city
  3. Interventions
  4. Policy
    1. One Health in Action: Operational Aspects of an integrated surveillance system for zoonoses in Western Kenya
    2. A cross-sectional survey of practices and knowledge among antibiotic retailers in Nairobi, Kenya
  5. Capacity


The following blog posts have been developed:


The following videos have been developed related to AMR by partners

In other news:

  • The website had undergone some changes to capture research publications and improve navigation. We added an extra feature to push all articles to social media platform via twitter. Twitter feed shows that articles tagged to respective organizations, donors and partners received more attention. We encourage this as it brings added awareness to the partner community about the AMR hub.
  • Supported the free online course by Future Learn and SLU on Effective Livestock Production with Low Use of Antibiotics via social media. 
  • Supporting LSHTM to promote Antibiotics Resistance and Agricultural Transitions series of seminars from Prof. Ellen Silbergeld held every Tuesday of each month:
    • Recommend that if these talks are recorded they are shared with me so as to place them on the CGIAR AMR website
  • World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) will be held on the 18-24th November 2019. The CGIAR AMR hub plans to carry out activities which will be shared as events through the website